How to host a S-Control in your Visualforce Pages?

In order to host your s-control in your Visual Force Pages you need to the the following steps:

  1. Create a new VF page or go to your existing VF page editor
  2. Pick your S-Control API name and have it ready.
  3. Within the Page block or where you find suitable add an apex:scontrol tab as follows:

<apex:scontrol controlName="Map_Directions" width="-100" height="415"> </apex:scontrol>

Notice that your controlName should be your S-Control's API name and this something interesting I found out, if you wish your S-control to be aligned horizontally to 100% of the page's width then you need to set the "width" attribute to "-100" !

Later on I will show you, how can you luanch your VP Page with your S-Control on it from a detail button.

Happy coding!


  1. thanks... but my html table border is not visible in vf page

  2. thank for straight forward answers

  3. Hi..Sam
    Thanks for this amazing and usefull blog.Here,
    I want to apply the same functionality of Google Map direction Using Visual-force. As you have done this using S-controls which are no more.